Are we environmentally friendly?

Very much so. All wood we use is FSC certified to ensure our woodlands survive both for us and for our children in the future. All packing we use is biodegradeable and/or recyclable.

How fast do you dispatch?

We promise to dispatch within a calender week, usually earllier than this. We do not keep much stock on hand but `create to order`. This is due to limited room in the workshop. Feel free to get in touch for progress updates.

Are shipments tracked and signed for?

Yes, we insist on this at all times, both for our protection and yours.

How do I contact Heartwood Editions?

I'd love to hear from you, just head over to the Contact page. If you are an artist and would like to collaborate then you can get useful info on the Artists page. It gets lonely in the workshop sometimes, it would be great to get some human contact lol


Do these make a great gift?

Hell yeah! And as these are made from solid wood you can be sure it's a gift that will last a lifetime!

Can I get my artwork personalised?

Sure, we'd be happy to laser a personal message onto the back of your piece for no extra fee. It's a great way to say "I Love you", "Happy Birthday" or just "Holy Cow, look at this thing!!!"

How do I care for and clean my artwork?

You know how paper is basically thin wood and if you get it wet it never recovers? Your artwork is like that. Avoid getting your artwork wet. Don't use a damp cloth to dust it. Don't place it near open windows or kettles where there will be a good amount of moisture in the air. Place your artwork in a neutral location where it will be undisturbed.

A dry cloth brushed over it twice a year will remove any dust.

Always ensure your hands are clean before handling your artwork.

Do the artworks have a protective coating, such as varnish?

Not at this time, no. Believe me I tried a variety of them and I will continue to experiment but I currently cannot find anything I am happy with. The great majority of finishes leave a noticeably `plastic` cheap and tacky look. Other finishes look more natural but affect the colour hue of the piece, making the shaded areas more faded out or making the overall artwork seem a lot duller. So I am actively looking for something that won't affect the piece visually but can give an element of protection from moisture, heat change and general mishandling or abuse.

I want to protect the pieces but not at the cost of negatively affecting the visual awesomeness of the artworks.

How robust is the wood?

People overestimate how strong wood is. It may feel very solid but it's not invulnerable. You can dent or chip it, especially the edges, if dropped from a small height onto something sharp or pointed. Generally handle it with care, handle it as little as possible and don't let others handle it casually. The best advice would be to get your artwork installed in place and let others admire it from a few feet away. It's an expensive artwork and should be treated as such.

Are overseas orders welcome?

Of course and hopefully the exchange rate is going in your favour! Please keep in mind you pay have to pay customs charges or tax on your end.

Can my artwork be wall mounted?

Yes and every artwork comes with a hanging kit. Please be sure you safely and firmly mount your piece as these things are surprisingly heavy and you wouldn't want one landing on any part of your body.

No two individual artworks are the same. So, how is every piece "unique"?

Why do the dimensions have variation?

Wood is not a predictable or uniform material to work with. Each wood blank is hand made in my studio. Combined with usage of hand and power tools during the making of the `blanks` then it's certain that there maybe a variation of millimetres compared to the listed dimensions.